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November 2010 Piston Patter (Newsletter Edition)

In this issue:

  • REmarks, from outgoing RE Mike Smith and incoming RE Ed Locke
  • A request for loaner helmets for Solo
  • Introducing the 2011 Board of Directors
  • Spotlight on Membership
  • The 2011 CenDiv Club Racing schedule
  • Congratulations to the 2010 Triple Crown winners
  • And more!

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2010 Chicago Region Calendar

Click here to download the : 2010 Chicago Region SCCA Calendar (approx. MB)

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Once Upon A Wire Wheel

As part of Chicago Region's recent fiftieth anniversary celebration, longtime members Norm and Bernie Koglin penned a series of articles for Piston Patter detailing the colorful history of Chicago Region. We are proud to provide the entire series here n Once Upon a Wire Wheel and enjoy!

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